The intriguing life of movie producer Arnon Milchan

From 'Pretty Woman' to 'The Revenant,' Milchan is an iconic Hollywood heavyweight unlike any other.

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Arnon Milchan and Justin Timberlake Arnon Milchan and Justin Timberlake (Photo: Getty Images)

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He's a risk taker

According to Milchan, most of his success is based on mistakes and sheer luck.

"I first do and then I think," he told Cigar Aficionado in 2008. "I never go and have a game plan in my life. I actually don't have a business plan in my life. I get instinctive, and then I say, how do I get out of it now? Or how do I make it work? I fall in love and then I give all my energy to make it work."

The other side to his personality is his willingness to listen to others, even if he doesn't agree at all with their ideas. To that end, he created what he calls a "Stupid Division" at Regency Studios that specializes in ridiculous films like "Epic Movie," "Date Movie" and "Meet the Spartans." All he asks is that the films don't cost more than they bring in and that he never hears the story pitch.

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