The intriguing life of movie producer Arnon Milchan

From 'Pretty Woman' to 'The Revenant,' Milchan is an iconic Hollywood heavyweight unlike any other.

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Pretty Woman Pretty Woman (Photo: Pretty Woman)

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How he saved the ending to 'Pretty Woman'

While Milchan's acquisition of the rights to the 1990 comedy classic "Pretty Woman" for only $2,500 is the stuff of Hollywood legend, less known is how he single-handedly influenced its ending.

In the original script, the last scene of the movie ended not with the romantic reunion between Gere and Roberts that's beloved today, but with a breakup. "He gives her money, he buys her a fur coat and he says good-bye," Milchan recalled. "I go, Guys, you have taken the audience the whole way to feel good and now you drop the poor girl. It's wrong."

Instead, Milchan suggested Gere's character come back a la Prince Charming in a white limo and bearing flowers. The rest is cinematic history.

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