The intriguing life of movie producer Arnon Milchan

From 'Pretty Woman' to 'The Revenant,' Milchan is an iconic Hollywood heavyweight unlike any other.

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Arnon Milchan DiCaprio Arnon Milchan DiCaprio (Photo: Getty Images)

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The wizard behind the scenes...

While we all have our favorite actors and directors, it's quite rare for anyone to name their favorite producer. These unsung heroes of the Hollywood landscape, often briefly appearing during award ceremonies, are integral to the world of filmmaking.

One of the giants of today's Hollywood is Israeli producer Arnon Milchan. His films over the last several decades are now part of the rich tapestry of cinematic history. "Pretty Woman," "LA Confidential," "Gone Girl," "The Revenant," "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and dozens upon dozens of other memorable and Oscar-winning films define Milchan's legacy.

The following pages offer a brief overview of a man with a love for family, the arts and finding the perfect happy ending.

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