Side-by-side photos: Actors vs. the real people they played in movies

From Albert Einstein to Jackie Kennedy, here are a handful of historical roles given fresh life by Hollywood's best actors.

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IQ IQ (Photo: IQ / Wikimedia)

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Walter Matthau as Albert Einstein

According to the late American comedian Walter Matthau, as soon as he began filming in Albert Einstein's hometown of Princeton, New Jersey, for the 1994 comedy "I.Q.," everyone who knew the famous physicist had recommendations for how best to portray him.

"One woman told me I was walking the wrong way," Matthau told the LA Times. "She told me, 'This is the way Einstein walked.' Another said, 'Yeah, but you're bending over too much, and he walked faster.' Another told me, 'He never wore shoes that good.'"

The romantic comedy, which features Einstein as a kind of matchmaker, fared well critically, with Roger Ebert even recommending an Oscar nomination for Matthau. "Matthau as Einstein is a stroke of casting genius," gushed Ebert. "He looks uncannily like the great mathematician."

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