8 harrowing survival films that test the human spirit

From the wilds in 'The Revenant' to the deep waters of 'Sanctum,' these films offer a breathtaking glimpse at humanity and nature.

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Sanctum Sanctum (Photo: Sanctum)

4 / 9


If you're scared of cave diving, "Sanctum" has you covered. The 2011 drama, directed by Australian Alister Grierson and executive produced by American James Cameron, tells the story of a spelunking expedition that turns tragic after a cave-in.

Forced to find another way out of the underground maze they're trapped in, the six explorers struggle against rising waters and an unexplored cave system fraught with dangers. While the film's story was less well-received by critics, its visual effects were widely praised. It utilized some of the same technology featured in Cameron's popular "Avatar."

Despite being set in Papua New Guinea, much of "Sanctum" was shot in Australia and in Mexico's 1,200-foot deep Cave of Swallows.

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