8 harrowing survival films that test the human spirit

From the wilds in 'The Revenant' to the deep waters of 'Sanctum,' these films offer a breathtaking glimpse at humanity and nature.

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Matt Damon The Martian Matt Damon The Martian (Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

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Once more into the fray...

If you're looking for inspiration, thrills, or just a quickened pulse, the survival genre has you covered. These are not escapist forms of entertainment, but gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping, reality-checking experiences that generally leave you a different person than before.

The following are but a handful of the more than 60 survival films that have come out of Hollywood over the last several decades. While all involve nature to some degree, it's the unflinching and unrelenting force of the human spirit that truly weaves them together.

Settle in, check your pulse, and turn the page.

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