8 actors who transformed their bodies for roles

From bulging muscles to skin and bones, the physical metamorphosis of Hollywood stars is an art all its own.

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300: Rise of an Empire 300: Rise of an Empire (Photo: 300: Rise of an Empire)

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Eva Green in "300: Rise of an Empire"

To play the villainous Artemisia in "300: Rise of an Empire," French actress Eva Green transformed her body to reflect that of a sword-wielding, acrobatic warrior.

To pull off the look, Green trained with the largely male ensemble for two hours daily. Workouts involved lifting weights, push-ups, squats and sword choreography with the stunt team. "I'm not coordinated at all so it took me a while to learn how to dance with two swords," she told OTRC.

Unlike the other actors on this list, Green insists she never altered her eating regimen while training for the role. "I was never on a specific diet," she told USA Today. "Life is too short not to have my cheese and wine."

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