8 actors who transformed their bodies for roles

From bulging muscles to skin and bones, the physical metamorphosis of Hollywood stars is an art all its own.

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Linda Hamilton in 'Terminator 2' Linda Hamilton in 'Terminator 2' (Photo: Terminator 2)

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Linda Hamilton in 'Terminator 2'

American actress Linda Hamilton surprised everyone in 1991 when she debuted a ripped physique for her role in the sci-fi thriller "Terminator 2."

To play a character who can convincingly go up against a cyborg assassin from the future, Hamilton says she "ran, lifted weights, trampolined, aerobicized and bicycled – three hours a day, six days a week."

When production kicked off, Hamilton was strong enough to bench press 85 pounds, run eight miles, and physically perform many of her own stunts for the film.

"Now I'm stronger, I survive on four hours of sleep a night, and I'm much more confident," she told Prevue magazine.

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