8 actors who transformed their bodies for roles

From bulging muscles to skin and bones, the physical metamorphosis of Hollywood stars is an art all its own.

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Gal Gadot Workout Gal Gadot Workout (Photo: Gal Gadot / Instagram)

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The art of knowing a character inside and out...

When it comes to giving a genuine portrayal of a character for the big screen, some Hollywood stars do more than just mentally prepare. To truly understand the role, actors will undertake a kind of metamorphosis, radically changing the physicality of their bodies to better project a character's power, weakness or plight.

As one can imagine, these transformations are often grueling and trying, demanding of the participant an extreme level of commitment coupled with a very small window of success. There is no shortcut to looking like a superhero or portraying an 18th-century sailor lost at sea.

The following pages offer up just a handful of the more remarkable physical transformations to come out of Hollywood.

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