7 celebrity look-alikes that made us do a double-take

In honor of Look-Alike Day, we round up some of our favorite doppelgängers.

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Conan O'Brien (L) and Tilda Swinton (R) Conan O'Brien (L) and Tilda Swinton (R) (Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images and Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Variety)

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Conan O’Brien and Tilda Swinton

The red-haired pair don't get mistaken for each other too much, but they often comment on how much they look like each other – tall, thin and that closely cropped mane of red hair with a pompadour in front. It's become a running gag on the late-night host's show. O'Brien (left) once joked during a monologue that he would want Swinton (right) to play him if there was a movie made about his life. Swinton's response? "I would just be only too happy." So they may not be dead ringers, but separated at birth? Perhaps.

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