7 celebrity look-alikes that made us do a double-take

In honor of Look-Alike Day, we round up some of our favorite doppelgängers.

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Natalie Portman/Keira Knightley

Both actresses entered our collective consciousness around the same time, so we could be forgiven for thinking they were one and the same – or at least long-lost sisters. Turns out, they're not. Portman (left), the star of such films as "Star Wars" and "Black Swan" was born in Israel. Knightley (right), who became famous in "Bend it Like Beckham" and went on to star in "Love Actually," hails from Britain. Knightley admits to being confused for Portman by adoring fans. "I get chased through airports," she shared. "It's happened like five times where someone's been like, Natalie! Natalie! Natalie!' And I'll sign and take a picture as Natalie."

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