6 stars and the real-life roles they play

How well do your favorite stars match the characters they're portraying?

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steve jobs steve jobs (Photo: Simon & Schuster and Open Road Films)

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Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in 'Jobs'

Were Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs cloned in the same test tube or something? It's pretty amazing how much the "That '70s Show" and "Punk'd" alum managed to look like the celebrated tech pioneer; the two are practically doppelgangers.

"For me, the idea of playing Steve Jobs, it was somebody who I admire and respect for his innovation and creation – that was an honor," Kutcher told E! News. "And it was also an opportunity to spend three months studying how to be an innovator, how to build a successful business, how to be an entrepreneur, which is something that I'm really passionate and interested in. So it was a great privilege really."

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