6 award-winning children's books that were turned into movies

From 'Holes' to 'The Polar Express,' these are the acclaimed short stories that made the leap from the library to the screen.

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Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are (Photo: Where the Wild Things Are)

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Where the Wild Things Are

A 1964 Caldecott Medal winner, "Where the Wild Things Are" by American author Maurice Sendak is a beloved illustrated story about a mischievous boy named Max and his unbounded imagination.

After decades in development, a live-action adaptation by American director Spike Jonze was finally released in 2009. It starred Australian Pepita Emmerichs, American Max Records and the voices of several well-known celebrities as the monstrous creatures.

While the film expanded on the 10 sentences of the book, it remained true to the spirit of the story, with Sendak even offering input on the animatronic creature designs. Critics loved it, too, with one saying that Jonze managed to perfectly capture "the essence of childhood."

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