11 weird movie hairdos we love

These iconic cuts leave a lasting impression, even years after movies are released.

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8 / 11

Johnny Depp's frazzled cut in 'Edward Scissorhands'

Edward cuts hair himself, but he can't quite keep his own locks in order. When the studio first saw the character, who was played by American actor Johnny Depp, studio executives worried that his frazzled and somewhat creepy appearance would turn off moviegoers. Indeed, they tried to keep images of his ensemble from being released until the film came out, at which point Depp's performance won over audiences.

”When you look at Johnny, you get a feeling, and it’s more than skin deep – and it’s not just that he’s handsome or beautiful,” the movie's director Tim Burton told Entertainment Weekly. ”He’s got this image of being this teen-idol creep, this macho tough guy, and he’s so much not like that. He has that pain, that darkness inside. That’s why I really felt Johnny could respond to the material.”

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