11 weird movie hairdos we love

These iconic cuts leave a lasting impression, even years after movies are released.

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Wolverine Wolverine (Photo: Courtesy of Fox)

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Hugh Jackman's gelled style in 'Wolverine'

Wolverine has plenty of recognizable characteristics, including a set of claws, but his hairstyle really seems to stand out. With enough hair product to control mutant superhero hair, Australian actor Hugh Jackman created a look as weird as it is cool.

Jackman has repeatedly changed his hairstyle from film to film. In the comics, Wolverine sported an elaborate hairstyle that doesn't seem to obey the laws of gravity, and Jackman started out trying to replicate that difficult look, using plenty of hair product to hold his 'do in place. Later, he went for a more modern style, with two points on either side.

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