10 upcoming superhero movies to stoke your inner geek

From 'Wonder Woman' to 'X-Men,' the cinema is about to be visited by nearly every superhero imaginable.

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Originally announced in 2013 as a spin-off from Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" franchise, "Venom" has languished in production limbo ever since. Thankfully, the studio has finally opted to move ahead with this classic Marvel supervillain, with plans to launch a full franchise around the character.

As of March 2016, famed Israeli producer Avi Arad and well-known American producer Matt Tolmach are behind the push to move "Venom" to the big screen. Even better, the pair have hired American writer Dante Harper to pen the script.

While the plot details are still being hammered out, Venom as a character should offer no shortage of ideas for Harper. An alien symbiote, he requires a human host to survive. In return, these hosts are imbued with superpowers rivaling those of Spider-Man.

Production on "Venom" is still early, but expect our favorite alien symbiote to hit theaters over the next couple years.

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