How well do you know the '90s?

The cast of ABC sitcom "Full House," which aired from 1987-1995.
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With the reboot of 'Full House' officially coming to Netflix, it's time to test your 1990s nostalgic know-how.

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"Pretty Woman" stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

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What frequently quoted early '90s movie recently reunited its cast for a special "Today" show appearance?

The cast of "Pretty Woman," the film that propelled Julia Roberts to superstardom in 1990, reunited on "Today" and spilled behind-the-scenes details, including how many times Roberts had to audition for the lead role of Vivian.

British girl group All Saints.

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We all know the Spice Girls. But what was that other British girl group? You know, the one that sang that catchy little number "Never Ever?"

All Saints rose to become one of the most successful girl groups of the 1990s. Their 1997 hit, "Never Ever," was one of three singles that reached No. 1 in Britain before the band broke up in 2001.

AIM logo
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Don't forget to set your away message! Which totally '90s communication tool featured that little yellow running man?

Still remember your AIM screen name? The technology behind AOL Instant Messenger originated in Israel, where Mirabilis Ltd. developed ICQ, the precursor to AIM. AOL bought Mirabilis in 1998.

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CK One, a fragrance popular in the 1990s made by Calvin Klein.

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You can still the smell the scent. Who's the designer behind this famous unisex fragrance?

Calvin Klein's iconic ck one campaign cemented model Kate Moss's career, producing some of the most provocative images the world had seen. The fragrance, launched in the U.S. in 1994, was a favorite of teens and young adults everywhere.

details of a motorola mobilephone
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What company is largely responsible for introducing cell phones to the world?

If it weren't for Motorola, we'd all be carrying around those big brick phones like the one Zack Morris used in "Saved by the Bell." Motorola's R&D office in Israel is where engineers first conceived the cell-phone technology that's still in use.

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Tamagotchi digital pet.
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This handheld digital pet was supposed to make you feel like you were taking care of a real child:

The Tamagotchi was released by Japanese company Bandai in 1996. The game begins with an egg on the screen, going through several stages of growth and even getting "sick" (the skull icon let you know you would be tied up for awhile).

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"The Rachel" was a highly sought-after haircut made famous by Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel in "Friends."

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Fess up: You went to the salon and asked for this haircut specifically. You usually didn't end up looking like that, though.

"The Rachel" was a highly sought-after haircut made famous by Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel in "Friends." These days, the 46-year-old actress says she's "all about a low-maintenance approach."

Michelle Tanner was played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on "Full House."
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Let's call this one a freebie. Who played Michelle on 'Full House'?

If you didn't know that Michelle Tanner, the youngest of Danny Tanner's daughters on the hokey-yet-lovable sitcom "Full House," was played by the Olsen twins – who are now certified fashion icons, mind you – then you were obviously asleep between 1987 and 1995.

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