Can you match the country with its sport?

Daria Zawistowska during match PGNiG Superleague Women in handball between KGHM Metraco Zaglebie Lubin - Pogon Baltica Szczecin (26:22).
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Test your international athletic aptitude with this global sports brain teaser.

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Curlers take their turn at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.
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What's the Canadian pastime often nicknamed 'chess on ice'?

Though it's rather obscure in the States, an estimated 1.5 million people are registered curlers, mostly in Canada. In the game, players use strategy and teamwork to slide stones toward a target area divided into four circles. The object is to score the highest number of points per game.

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Bangladesh and India compete in a cricket game during the Special Olympics in 2013.
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Don't let it 'bug' you: What's the most popular sport played in India?

You'll find people of all ages and abilities playing this game in every corner of India. Cricket is similar to baseball, but instead of running bases, the "batsman" attempts to hit the ball away from the fielders so he can run to the other end of the field and score a run.

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Israeli men play Matkot on April 3, 2010.
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Name the paddleball-like sport played primarily on the beaches of Israel:

Matkot has been played for decades along Israel's beaches, using a "matka" paddle and a small, squash-like ball, in an effort to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. The sport is so beloved in Israel that there's an entire museum dedicated to it, fittingly in Tel Aviv.

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Suzanne Lenglen, French tennis player

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Between 1914 and 1926, a French woman named Suzanne Lenglen won 31 championships in what sport?

Suzanne Lenglen is widely considered the first female tennis celebrity and one of the first international stars in any sport. She was the last French woman to win Wimbledon ladies singles until 2006.

Two men play Pato in Argentina.
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What's this Argentinian cross between basketball and polo?

Pato, a game played on horseback, is the national sport of Argentina, though that status has been challenged by soccer in recent years. In pato, two four-member teams vie for possession of a four-handled ball and score by throwing the ball through a vertical ring.

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Champion table tennis player Ma Long

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This year, Ma Long of China was named No. 1 in the world for what sport?

Ma Long beat Fang Bo in the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships to become No. 1. This sport is a common basement activity in the U.S., but here it pales in comparison to the fanaticism and ultra-competitive spirit that exists in China.

Camilla Herrem is a Norwegian handball player who plays as a left wing for the Norwegian national team.

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Name this basketball-soccer combo that's well regarded and beloved in Norway:

While everyone else in Norway is skiing, there's still a devoted and energetic following for its women's national handball team. It's the only team to have won the Euro championship in handball four times in a row.

The Netherlands national women's hockey team celebrates after winning gold in the 2012 Olympics.

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Name the sport that the Netherlands has dominated for decades in both Olympic and World Cup competitions:

The Netherlands national women's field hockey team has won the World Cup a whopping seven times. They're also reigning Olympic champions as seen in this photo after winning gold in the 2012 Olympics in London.