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Who had the healthiest diet?

Hunter gatherers ate a variety of healthy foods: they picked berries, dug for roots, stalked rabbits and hunted bison. People since then have relied mostly on high carb staples like wheat and corn.
Source: Sapiens

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Who worked most?

You work 40-50 hours per week, while 1800s manufacturers worked 60-70. Hunter gatherers living in the harshest desert climates hunt only one day out of three and gather about three to six hours a day. Odds are, hunter gatherers living in more abundant areas (which would have been most of them) worked even less. Sources: Economic History Association, Sapiens

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Who had the largest brain?

Evidence suggests hunter gatherers had larger brains than modern people. Israeli world history professor Yuval Noah Harari suspects this is because hunter gatherers needed to have superb mental abilities to survive, acutely aware of their surroundings and their own bodies. Source: Sapiens

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Who lived longest?

On average, hunter gatherers lived to 35, though those who made it through childhood often reached their 60s or even 80s. After the Agricultural Revolution, life expectancy dropped to 20 years. It started climbing after medicine lowered infant mortality; average 1920s people lived to 30. Sources: Sapiens, LSE, WHO

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Who had to worry about infectious disease the most?

Diseases like the Black Death spread easily through a world that didn't know about germs. Hunter gatherers meanwhile lived in small, faraway groups that couldn't sustain epidemics. They also wouldn't have had to worry about diseases that came from farm animals. Source: Guns, Germs and Steel

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Who made artwork?

Everyone! From ancient sculptures of lion men to digital paintings, we all make art! Source: Sapiens

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Who polluted?

Humans have been polluting for a pretty long time. Cavemen from 400,000 years ago cooked their food in caves, causing them to inhale dangerous fumes and releasing smoke into the air.
Source: Tel Aviv University

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Who had pet dogs?

They all did! Humans and dogs have been living together for at least 15,000 years.

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