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What hormone does your brain release more of in the spring?

The sun makes your brain release serotonin, a hormone linked to "higher levels of well-being," Tal Ben-Shahar, an Israeli psychologist who lectures around the world, told From the Grapevine. So get ready for a whole lotta happy over the next few months.

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How does summer planning affect your relationships?

In spring, you make summer plans, and you probably scrutinize your relationships in the process, Leah Klungness, an American psychologist and author, told From the Grapevine. "Who in your life is ready to 'commit' to a weekend several months off?" she asked.

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Which season's music makes you smarter?

Spring music makes you smart! It's science. In one study, participants listened to four songs based on the seasons. The “spring” song, "particularly the well-recognized, vibrant, emotive and uplifting first movement," increased mental alertness, attention and memory, researchers found.

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If your happiness totally flips by the season, you may have ...

Stuck in the doldrums all winter? According to Ben-Shahar, 10-20% of the population has seasonal affective disorder. That means you need more sunlight to feel healthy, so you might feel tired and depressed during winter months. Fear not! Things'll really brighten up for you in spring.


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Are you nicer in the spring?

You're probably more upbeat in the spring, and that makes you a nicer person. "When we feel better, we behave better," said Ben-Shahar. "We are kinder and more generous towards others."

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Where should you start hanging out?

Get outdoors this spring! In addition to being fun, chilling in nature actually improves your well-being, said Ben-Shahar, who advises getting outside as much as possible during springtime. "Get some sun, fresh air, and feed your senses with the beauty of nature," said Shahar. Try and dig up some treasure while you're at it.

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How should you change up your space?

Klungness suggests giving your surroundings a fresh look. That could mean taking on spring cleaning projects. "Or maybe just discard those tacky throw pillows for fresh finds," suggested Klungness. "Things do look different in the more abundant daylight."

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