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Red sails on the Red Sea

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Sailboat in Red SeaSailboat in Red SeaPhoto: Protasov AN / Shutterstock
November 6, 2014 | Latest Photo

Eilat is a top destination for water-lovers from around the world — with plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, coral reef exploring and even mingling with dolphins, there's no lack of sea-centered activities in which visitors can take part.

Framed by foothills and mountains on either side, the scenery in Eilat Bay is beautiful in every direction. Some boats even have glass bottoms, revealing the plentiful ocean life beneath the sea's surface.

For locals, there's the Sailing Club Eilat, which offers classes in not just sailing, but windsurfing, kayaking, kite surfing, parasailing, stand-up paddle boarding and water skiing.

No matter what time of year, the weather in this southern Israeli city is prime for an afternoon on the water.

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