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Cutout kids at play

Rami Meiri's playful mural dominates a main intersection in Tel Aviv.

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Rami Meiri's murals are both whimsical and grotesque.Rami Meiri's murals are both whimsical and grotesque.Photo: Zach Pontz
January 9, 2017 | Latest Photo

Ah, the joys of youth. Uninhibited and carefree play with friends are memories most of us probably have from that period in our lives.

Rami Meiri, a well known mural artist in Tel Aviv, Israel evokes such sentiment with this mural of two children at play on the top edge of a wall. Placed at a main intersection in the north of the city, it's been celebrating the pleasures of childhood — being able to climb to such heights without pulling a muscle is one that comes to mind — since it was placed there in 2000.

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