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Strolling along an epic promenade

The city of Ashkelon boasts views and much more.

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The promenade in the northern part of Ashkelon.The promenade in the northern part of Ashkelon.Photo: Mort Barr
March 30, 2015 | Latest Photo

At the intersection of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and the golden, sandy beach lies this beautiful promenade. It's in the northern part of Ashkelon, a coastal city about 30 miles south of Tel Aviv.

The city boasts one of the most impressive marinas in the Mediterranean region, and is home to many festivals throughout the year.

The above photo was submitted by avid From The Grapevine reader Mort Barr, a retiree who splits his time between the United States and Israel. "We were there on a warm, sunny shirt sleeve mid-November afternoon strolling with friends who had recently moved there," says Barr. "The promenade is midway between the marina and a row of hotels. One can often observe commercial ships in the distance steering towards the port of Ashdod not too far up the coast."

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