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Immerse yourself in the golden forest of Jerusalem

We're celebrating Google Earth's 10th anniversary with a truly stunning 360-degree shot.

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A gorgeous sunset view in the woods of JerusalemA gorgeous sunset view in the woods of JerusalemPhoto: Alexander Shalit (360israel) / Google 'Views'
June 30, 2015 | Latest Photo

Sunset in Jerusalem is an amazing sight in this image taken by Alexander Shalit for Google Views.

Google Earth is celebrating its 10th birthday this week with a phenomenal new tool called 'Voyager' that makes desktop exploration even easier. From 'Street View' highlights to elaborate '3D cities,' Voyager offers an immersive travel experience with the click of a button.

Among the most stunning Voyager features is its collection of 360-degree photos uploaded by photographers from around the world. Viewers can scroll, click and drag to explore virtual windows into any corner of the world – what better way to try this tool out than with this stunning photo?

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