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The historic neighborhood Vogue just gushed about

From art galleries to hip bars and restaurants, these photos show why Jaffa is becoming a must-visit destination.

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Jaffa coast long-exposureJaffa coast long-exposurePhoto: Cristian Kirshbom / Flickr
May 16, 2016 | Latest Photo

If you happen to stroll through Tel Aviv, Israel's second-largest city, you may find yourself in an ancient neighborhood that feels a little different than the nearby modern metropolis. It's mysterious, it's artsy and it's in vogue – literally.

"A stroll through Jaffa is a journey that takes you through arched alleys that start and stop suddenly, past golden stone buildings bathed in sun and hidden in shadow, through streets with signs marked with zodiac symbols," began a recent Vogue article. "It’s a mix of weirdness and intrigue that’s befitting of a 4,000-plus-year-old port city that’s starting to really register on must-travel lists."

See it for yourself:

Jaffa is full of bars, restaurants and galleries.Jaffa's narrow streets are full of bars, restaurants and galleries. (Photo: badahos/Shutterstock)

Jaffa Flea MarketThe city's flea market has been in business for over a century. (Photo: israeltourism/Flickr)

jaffaTel Aviv has been growing out of Jaffa for thousands of years. (Photo: Suprun Vitaly/Shutterstock)

jaffaJaffa was originally a port city, where traders would exchange goods from all corners of the Mediterranean. (Photo: badahos/Shutterstock)

beachSome nearby Mediterranean beaches are quiet and calm, while others are hot party spots for both tourists and locals. (Photo: RnDmS/Shutterstock)

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