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City nightscapes that look straight out of science fiction

From Singapore to Chicago, here are a handful of incredible nighttime skylines as captured by aerial drones.

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Singapore Super TreesSingapore Super TreesPhoto: Bud can fly / SkyPixel
April 7, 2016 | Latest Photo

From "Blade Runner" to "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," science fiction films are filled with fantastic visions of futuristic cityscapes with flying cars, and glowing, unique architecture. While we're still a few years away from the flying car bit, cities around the world from the United States to Israel are already looking like skylines straight out of the future.

Take for instance the image above which shows the city of Singapore's "Supertree Grove." These glowing wonders, completely solar-powered, are made up of 18 metal trees reaching up to 150-feet above the city. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but they also collect rainwater, act as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories, and support massive vertical living gardens.

The following photos are only a handful of the hundreds captured by drones and submitted to SkyPixel, a worldwide community for aerial photographers and filmmakers. Scroll below to see some of our favorites.

Azrieli CenterThe Azrieli Center, designed by Israeli-American architect Eli Attia, glows in this nighttime scene of Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo: Sergey Belsky/SkyPixel)

Wujiaochang StationThe colorful Wujiaochang station in Shanghai, China serves as both a transportation hub and shopping center for residents of the city center. (Photo: ShepherdLu/SkyPixel)

Moscow night shotThe city center of Moscow, Russia glows in this aerial drone shot taken in August 2015. (Photo: Core Tunard/SkyPixel)

Roppongi Hills Mori TowerThe Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, located in Tokyo, glows in this sunset image from last year. (Photo: Danilo Dungo/SkyPixel)

Studio CityStudio City in Macau, China is Asia's first leisure resort to also integrate television and film production facilities, retail, and gaming. (Photo: rye de asis/SkyPixel)

Whafu EstatesThe Whafu Estates in China give off a boxy blue glow in this shot taken in last winter. (Photo: mako eros/SkyPixel)

Kuala Lumpur City CentreThe Kuala Lumpur city center, designed to be a city within a city, glows in this aerial view. (Photo: zAerial graphy/SkyPixel)

Chicago night skylineThe city of Chicago skyline looks peaceful (and not windy) in this nighttime photo. (Photo: Performance Impressions LLC/SkyPixel)

singapore nightThe Marina Bay Sands of Singapore, one of the biggest casinos in the entire world, as captured in this June 2015 aerial view. (Photo: Paul Yang/SkyPixel)

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