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14 amazing photos of people dancing outside around the world

From tangoing in the streets to performing traditional dances, these photos showcase the joyful spirit in all of us.

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nepalnepalPhoto: Prakash Mathema / AFP/Getty Images
April 1, 2016 | Latest Photo

Spring is upon us. Forest critters sing to princesses. A friend posts a Facebook status about music festivals. Your desire to binge-watch Netflix diminishes. Salads become a thing again.

Best of all, you can finally enjoy the outdoors. Plenty of people from around the world are all too ready to get their dance on under the sun.

tango new yorkJavier Garcia and Moira Sauvane tango on a New York City rooftop. (Photo: David Turnley/Getty Images)

dancingYoung couples tango in their neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock)

ballet australiaYoung dancers perform 'The Sleeping Beauty' on the steps of Sydney Opera House in Australia. (Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Dancer Evellyn Alves dances in the Panorama contemporary dance festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Dancer Evellyn Alves performs at the Panorama Contemporary Dance Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Belarusssian women dance in a fieldBelarusssian women dance in a field to bring about a good harvest. (Photo: Vicktor Drachev/AFP/Getty Images)

dancing farmers nepalFarmers in Nepal dance in the mud while they plant rice. (Photo: Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty Images)
Johannesburg, South Africa.
300 participants dance to the music in their headphones in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo: John Wessels/AFP/Getty Images)

rwandaPerformers dance for tourists in Kinigi, Northern Rwanda. (Photo: Stephanie Aglietti/AFP/Getty Images)

bollywoodPeople take part in a massive Bollywood dance class at the British Museum in London. (Photo: Shaun Curry/AFP/Getty Images)

GypsyA pair of Gypsy newlyweds celebrate in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. (Photo: Boryana Katsarova/AFP/Getty Images)

couples tango ukraineCouples tango at an outdoor cafe in Lviv, Ukraine. (Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Masopust festivalMen dance in traditional folklore costumes during a festival in the Czech Republic. (Photo: Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images)

west africa traditional danceAn Ivorian traditional group dances in Abidjan, the crossroads of West Africa. (Photo: Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images)

Girls in Madagascar dance and sing to a local popular radio songGirls in Madagascar dance and sing to a local popular radio song. (Photo: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

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