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Vivid sunrise paints the Dead Sea neon pink

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Dead sea sunriseDead sea sunrisePhoto: Flavio~ / Flickr
September 22, 2014 | Latest Photo
Like a watercolor

The still morning waters of the Dead Sea mirror the colorful, wispy sunrise peeking from behind the mountains in this amazing capture. 

Who would have thought that on the lowest place on Earth the sun would make such an illustrious start to the day? Yet even at 1,400 feet below sea level, the sun is bright as ever.

It almost appears as though one could walk right into this hypersaline lake, as narrow land bridges illustrate the extent to which the lake's levels have decreased in recent years. However, officials in Israel and Jordan are closely monitoring the water levels and continue to plan for its preservation. Fortunately, eco-tourism is a viable industry at the Dead Sea and its surrounding area, which is home to unique forms of plants and wildlife.

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