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Sunset at the Nahal Besor nature reserve

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A tree silhouetted against the sunsetA tree silhouetted against the sunsetPhoto: Opachevsky Irina / Shutterstock
November 5, 2014 | Latest Photo

Birds flock to a lone, silhouetted tree in this photo taken along the Nahal Besor trail. 

About 50 miles long, the Besor River cuts through the highlands of the Negev desert, with trees popping up here and there, centers of natural beauty that seem to have frequent wildlife visitors. 

The Besor Nature Reserve is an oasis of vegetation and wildlife, featuring orchids and acacia trees, caracals and wolves, and several species of birds.

In the winter, the river overflows with water that is then channeled into three reservoirs, over which a vast hanging bridge stretches, allowing visitors to take it all in.

The area is also encompassed by Eshkol National Park, which protects the natural area as well as ancient ruins. Campers are welcome in the 875-acre park, which is actually quite accommodating, with toilets, showers, a kitchen and even a catering service.

Clearly, beauty abounds along the trail, but sometimes the most aesthetically captivating moment is a quiet, colorful sunset with nobody but the birds to share it with.

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