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A stony sunset hike along the Sea of Galilee

An isolated group of trees stands out along this hillside hike.

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Trees and stones on a hike in GalileeTrees and stones on a hike in GalileePhoto: Pavel Bernshtam / Shutterstock
October 2, 2014 | Latest Photo

The Sea of Galilee is surrounded by rolling hills that ascend into mountains, making it a fantastic destination for hikers. The largest freshwater lake in Israel, the Sea of Galilee lies within the Jordan Rift Valley. A walk along its shore and into the hills reveals basalt and igneous rocks that hint towards the valley's volcanic past. 

But it's not just rocks you'll find while exploring this vast body of water — naturally, the mild climate and constant source of water allows for plants of all kind to grow, from citrus trees to date palms. Indeed, the surrounding landscape has been transformed into an agricultural hub upon which the entire country relies. 

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