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A rare and fantastic view: Vibrant colors of autumn peak in northern Israel

A pathway through the trees is framed by hues of orange and yellow.

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Fall foliage in IsraelFall foliage in IsraelPhoto: Rodrigo Uriartt / Flickr
September 25, 2014 | Latest Photo
An unexpected landscape

When people think of fall foliage, they often imagine English countrysides, Canadian forests or New England neighborhoods — but an unexpected and equally beautiful autumn locale can be found in northern Israel, where all kinds of trees, shrubs and crops thrive.

Photographer Rodrigo Uriartt captured this photograph in Kerem Ben Zimra in the peak of the season. Uriartt explains that the north of Israel is actually quite humid compared to the rest of the country and thus showcases more of what each season has to offer. In the fall, that means orange and yellow trees, vivid red grapevines, and golden acres of freshly harvested fields.

"Pomegranates are ripe and olive trees are full of fruit," Uriartt says of autumn in Israel. Though olive trees maintain their deep green color throughout the fall, pomegranate trees turn a lovely shade of yellow. 

"What is very welcome is the beginning of the rains, after more than seven months without a drop falling from the sky," Uriartt tells From The Grapevine. And judging by the pep in the leaves and black-as-coal trunks, it certainly appears as though the trees in the photo above are reveling after a recent rain shower. With the downpour of rain also comes the sentiment of cleansing and change, and coupled with the crisp air, it's easy to understand why many Israelis see autumn as an opportunity for renewal. 

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