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Sign of spring: Almond trees burst with blooms

In the Mediterranean, these beautiful blossoms signal that winter is officially over.

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almond treesalmond treesPhoto: Suprun Vitaly / Shutterstock
March 23, 2016 | Latest Photo

These white flowers blooming in northern Israel make the world seem like a cheery place (and they hint at some secret tastiness).

Almond trees are native to the Mediterranean, where they're widely cultivated for their seeds. Almonds, of course, can be used to make all sorts of delicious things, from candy to Mediterranean diet-friendly almond milk.

These trees bear fruit about five years after they're planted. They bloom in the spring and really kick off the season for all flowering plants in the area.

almond treesAlmond trees grow throughout northern and central Israel. (Photo: Wead/Shutterstock)

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