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Peacock's plume packs a picturesque punch

Zoo is just one popular attraction by the Dead Sea.

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A peacock is seen at an Israeli zoo.​A peacock is seen at an Israeli zoo.​Photo: Thomas Coex / AFP/Getty Images
February 15, 2017 | Latest Photo

So you've traveled to the Dead Sea in Israel, maybe taken a mud bath or a swim in its healing waters. You're drying off, shaking a towel over your hair and – voila! – there's this beautiful peacock.

You blink, and open your eyes again. Yep, it's a peacock.

The one pictured above is part of the Magnifique Zoo near the shores of the Dead Sea. "We loved the location in the countryside with animals in the wild," wrote one reviewer on TripAdvisor. "I will definitely come back and highly recommend it, especially with children."

The zoo is part of the larger Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and nearby resort for people visiting the Dead Sea. "It's is a beautiful oasis," wrote another reviewer. "Rooms are situated around the picturesque gardens where tropical trees, plants and flowers abound."

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