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Imagine taking a dip in this natural wonder

The Hexagon Pool is a popular destination for adventurers.

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meshushim pool in the national park of Israelmeshushim pool in the national park of IsraelPhoto: Yuriy Chertok / Shutterstock
October 19, 2015 | Latest Photo

Anyone remember the Phantom Tollbooth?

It was a kids book in which a boy named Milo goes on a whole bunch of mathematical, algebra-teacher approved adventures. He discovers dumplings that divide hunger and other things that pointed to mathematical concepts as radical as "12-sided shapes exist!"

Anyway, we bring it up because this Hexagon Pool in northern Israel seems like it could have been one of Milo's stops while he was taking an adventuring break (definately the coolest kind of break.)

The pool, which is one of the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve's most popular attractions, is made up of hexogonal black basalt rock pillars descending into a natural pool, joined by water from the Meshushim River, the largest river in the area.

And yes, you may swim there. Enjoy the Waters of Knowledge.

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