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Snaps for your soul: The Nature Conservancy's photos of the year

Contest winners feature stallions playing, erupting volcanoes and a moment of pure serenity.

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'The Hunter,' Mexico.'The Hunter,' Mexico.Photo: Roberto Moccini Formiga / The Nature Conservancy
June 18, 2018 | Latest Photo

The world is a pretty crazy place, and you don't get to see most of it. Luckily, nature photographers are taking care of that for you. The Nature Conservancy just announced their 2018 photo contest winners. While you were trying to decide how to respond to a friend's Facebook meltdown, these photographers were taking photos of an alligator in Brazil, a sea too salty for fish in Israel and an erupting volcano in Mexico. The photos were so amazing, they made me forget I was staring at a computer screen for a second.

Without further ado ...

'Stallions Playing,' France. 'Stallions Playing,' France. (Photo: Camille Briottet/The Nature Conservancy)

'Floating in the Dead Sea," Israel. 'Floating in the Dead Sea," Israel. (Photo: Aline Fortuna/The Nature Conservancy)

'Watching You Watching Me,' Canada. 'Watching You Watching Me,' Canada. (Photo: Megan Lorenz/The Nature Conservancy)

'Polar Bear,' Canada. 'Polar Bear,' Canada. (Photo: Florian Ledoux/The Nature Conservancy)

'Serenity,' Iceland. 'Serenity,' Iceland. (Photo: Jeremy Stevens/The Nature Conservancy)

'Meeting of Alligators,' Brazil. 'Meeting of Alligators,' Brazil. (Photo: Jorge André Diehl/The Nature Conservancy)

'Her Majesty,' Australia. 'Her Majesty,' Australia. (Photo: Aristo Risi/The Nature Conservancy)

'My Home My City,' Hong Kong. 'My Home My City,' Hong Kong. (Photo: Kwok Kui Andus Tse/The Nature Conservancy)

'Pure Energy and Fire,' Mexico 'Pure Energy and Fire,' Mexico. (Photo: Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes/The Nature Conservancy)

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