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Sit among the animal sculptures at this spectacular fountain

The Lions Fountain has been a destination at this city park for decades.

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parkparkPhoto: Khirman Vladimir / Shutterstock
February 18, 2016 | Latest Photo

These animals have been nuzzling one another for a while, and it doesn't look like they'll stop anytime soon. They're sculptures in the Lions Fountain in Jerusalem's Yemin Moshe park.

The bronze and gold-plated fountain is a popular spot for neighborhood kids who like to play in the water. It was designed by German sculptor Gernot Rumpf and erected in 1989.

In order to create the lions, the artist spent time at the local zoo monitoring lion movements. Which we assume was fun; who doesn't like watching lions?

Gernot RumpfThe city recycles the fountain water. (Photo: Renata Sedmakova/Shutterstock)

It's not only lions; the sculptor includes other animals and birds. A light burst of water rains down on them, repainting their fountain with copper and aqua colors even as they warm in the sunlight.

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