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Walk along a peaceful path through olive trees

These grand trees in Israel's Judean Hills have been standing tall for generations.

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Grove of the ancient olive trees in Judea Hills, IsraelGrove of the ancient olive trees in Judea Hills, IsraelPhoto: Boris Diakovsky / Shutterstock
December 21, 2015 | Latest Photo

A path winds through a grove of grass that looks like green satin, ancient-looking trees twisting, proud of their many years on the planet. Israel's Judean Hills hosts plenty of local flora and fauna, but these olive trees always seem to grab attention.

It's all about the oil here, and we don't mean the stuff that makes our cars run: olive oil. It's a major export in the Mediterranean.

In addition to being disease and fire-resistant, olive trees can live to be very old. They have strong root systems that can repair a tree that's been nearly destroyed above ground. The older the tree, the more gnarled the trunk becomes, so perhaps these twisting trunks are really badges of strength. Some area olive trees are more than 1,000 years old.

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