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Israel's most majestic mountainscapes

These gorgeous landscapes represent millions of years of Earth's history.

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Mount Tabor at sunsetMount Tabor at sunsetPhoto: Steve Conger / Flickr
July 28, 2015 | Latest Photo

From the snow-capped peaks in the north to the colorful Eilat range in the south, Israel's landscape is continuously dotted by beautiful mountains. Adding intrigue to horizons and a challenge for hikers, these diverse mountains come in all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at some of Israel's most breathtaking mountainous landscapes:

Judean Mountains

Green Judean HillsThe verdant, rolling hills of the Judean Mountains are a sight for sore eyes. (Photo: Konstantnin/Shutterstock)

The lushly adorned hills of the Judean mountain range encompass the city of Jerusalem and stretch over 3,000 feet into the sky.

Mount Tabor

Mount TaborWith its perfectly round form, Mount Tabor is one of Israel's most iconic mountains. (Photo: Yosefer/Shutterstock)

In the Lower Galilee region of Israel, a peculiar mountain curves over the landscape. Known as a monadnock, this kind of rounded mound is characterized by its abrupt, solitary rise. Mount Tabor's tallest point is less than 2,000 feet above sea level, but it is still a marvelous formation on the horizon.

Eilat Range

Purple mountains of Eilat rangePurple mountains majesty – the Eilat mountain range at Israel's southernmost tip line the Red Sea. (Photo: Rodney Topor/Flickr)

In the southern portion of the Negev desert, impressive mountains host a range of odd geological formations.

Mountains seen from Eilat across Red SeaThe mountains surrounding the Red Sea on Eilat's coast are magnificent to behold. (Photo: Sergei25/Shutterstock)

Standing in Israel's southernmost city of Eilat, mountains line the horizon in all directions, adding a mystical quality to dawn and dusk alike.

Mount Arbel and Mount Nitai

Sunset at Mount ArbelGolden hour at Mount Arbel and it's surrounding terrain. (Photo: Maurice T/Shutterstock)

Mount Arbel reaches up above the terrain near the Sea of Galilee. The view from Mount Arbel encompasses Mount Nitai and other hilly stretches of land formed as part of the the Jordan Rift Valley.

Mount Arbell at sunsetEvening at Mount Arbel is an enchanting sight. (Photo: Maurice T/Flickr)

Mount NitaiHikers get a spectacular view of Mount Nitai from atop the Arbel Cliffs. (Photo: Eve81/Shutterstock)

Both Mount Arbel and Mount Nitai boast splendid stony precipices – a rock climber's dream.

Mount Hermon

Snow-covered Mt. HermonOne of the tallest peaks visible in Israel, Mount Hermon often gets a solid dusting of snow in winter. (Photo: maratr/Shutterstock)

Mount Hermon stands tall above the landscape of northern Israel, at 9,232 feet above sea level. It's not uncommon to see the peaks covered in snow – a stunning sight visible all the way from Hula Valley.

Mount Meron

View of Mt Meron from path through olive treesA trail winds through olive groves toward Mount Meron. (Photo: Boris Diakovsky/Shutterstock)

Mount Meron's elevation reaches over 3,600 feet. Standing in the olive groves in northern Israel, it makes for a breathtaking backdrop.

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