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I'll follow the sun

Woman's dreamlike silhouette displays the majestic beauty of the Dead Sea.

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dead seadead seaPhoto: vvvita / Shutterstock
December 30, 2015 | Latest Photo

A young woman walks into the distance, toward the rising sun. She doesn't walk on gravel or go over a bridge. Instead, she treks over the Dead Sea, located in eastern Israel, using a path created by the massive salt cubes formed by one of the world's saltiest lakes.

The Dead Sea is famous for its salt; the water's saline content is so high that people naturally float in it without treading water. Thanks to its high mineral content, many tourists visit this landmark to reap its health and beauty benefits; you've probably seen lotions and creams featuring Dead Sea minerals at home.

There is something innocent about this image: the woman's dress, her carefree nature, the magnificent and mysterious landscape. We hope she gets where she's going soon.

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