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Happy Bat Appreciation Day!

Batman may get the spotlight, but these bats are also well-deserving.

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Baby bat in a hand.Baby bat in a hand.Photo: Mickeysamuni / Wikimedia
April 17, 2015 | Latest Photo

Bats are amazing creatures with often human-like behavior so it's no wonder that these little mammals have their own special day dedicated to them on the calendar. Bats sometimes get a bad rap, but we have photographic evidence that they are far more adorable than you might think.

A baby fruit bat gets snuggly in the amazing photo above taken by Ramat Gan Safari staff photographer Mickey Samuni-Blank. Below, another fruit bat in Israel is just begging for belly rubs!

The country is home to more than 30 different species of bats. Israel’s Mammal Information Center has been a driving force for bat conservation since it opened in 1987 and continues to train students in bat ecology to this day.

A baby fruit bat lies on the ground.A baby fruit bat lies on the ground. (Photo: Israel Captures/Flickr)

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