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Teenager wins epic motorcycle race across Africa

Grueling two-week race traverses through thousands of miles of sand.

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Gev Sella in South Africa.Gev Sella in South Africa.Photo: Facebook
January 17, 2017 | Latest Photo

Athletes from around the world just completed a 4,000 mile motorsports race from Monaco to Senegal. Known as the Africa Eco Rally, the annual event sponsored by Powerade is an endurance challenge like no other.

Surprising spectators was 17-year-old Israeli Gev Teddy Sella, seen in the photo above, who came in first place in the motorcycle competition. The high school student was cheered on by his parents who traveled with him on the journey. "It was an amazing experience," he said when he crossed the finish line a full 50 minutes ahead of a Norwegian, the next competitor. "It was an amazing feeling."

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