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This fruit was harvested before there was a written word for it

It is one of the oldest cultivated species in history.

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Olive Trees in The Holy LandOlive Trees in The Holy LandPhoto: sangaku / Shutterstock
October 15, 2015 | Latest Photo

These Israeli olive trees decorate a grass-filled pasture, interrupted only by a small white trail that bends gently toward nearby buildings.

Olives were first cultivated by humans around 6,000 to 8,000 years ago. Archaeologists found evidence of olive oil production in Carmel, Israel from about 6,000 years ago.

Olives branch on the blue sky backgroundOlives are on of the most beloved fruits in the world. (Photo: Protasov AN/Shutterstock)

From then on, olives spread around the world. They were beloved by the Greeks; when Romans discovered these fruits, they brought them to their increasing domain. Olives were integrated into local cultures around the world. They were even found in 2,000-year-old Egyptian tombs.

Though ancient, these old trees are very much with us. Still-living olive trees on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem are reputed to be over 2,000 years old. And the green olive trees are still beautiful today.

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