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Cyclamen flowers cover Israel's landscape in early spring

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A cyclamen meadow in a forest in northern IsraelA cyclamen meadow in a forest in northern IsraelPhoto: Jay Meydad / Flickr
March 10, 2015 | Latest Photo

A sight for sore eyes after a long and cold winter, cyclamen flowers begin to bloom across northern Israel January through March.

It may be a delicate flower, but it can grow most anywhere, even in rocks and shady forest groves.

Cyclamen flowers

Cyclamen persicum blooms throughout late winter and into spring, adding a touch of beauty to cool-weather hikes. The tubers at the root of these cyclamen plants have historically been used to make soap – and, as you can imagine, the plant is inedible.

Close-up view of cyclamen flowers

The cyclamen flower is not your typical bloom – its petals grow upward instead of outward, so the flowers look like they're stretching up to the sky. Heart-shaped leaves give this blossoming plant a romantic touch, making them a florist's favorite. 

Photo credits: Vertical photo: Elena Dijour/Shutterstock; Close-up photo: TLV and more/Flickr

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