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A cotton harvest ready for the picking

Time to reap the plenty that's been sown.

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Ripe Cotton Bolls On Branch Ready For HarvestsRipe Cotton Bolls On Branch Ready For HarvestsPhoto: gkuna / Shutterstock
October 6, 2015 | Latest Photo

A few puffy white clouds enhance an otherwise perfectly blue sky. From left to right and into the distance, Israeli cotton plants stand tall, full of soft, white balls that'll soon become the clothing we love to wear so much.

Cotton is mostly grown in the northern area of the country, where vast fields range as far as the eye can see.

To keep up the output, area farmers are constantly experimenting with new technology. For instance, in 2012, Israel's Rosetta Green, a company that produces specially modified genes to enhance crop output, worked with international seed manufacturer Bayer CropScience AG to produce hardier seeds.

Why do they need hardier seeds? Well, a good deal of pesticides are often used on cotton, since the plant doesn't go into food. However, this can cause pesticides to leach into the soil, harming the environment and making life difficult for local plants and animals. Hardier seeds, like the new ones being used, help plants fight pests without pesticides.

Luckily, organic cotton is just as white and fluffy as any, a texture we love on our skins ... and in our photos.

Stunning rural closeup on flowers of cotton harvest in northern Israel.The northern Negev valleys are a major source for organic cotton. (Photo: Guy Zidel/Shutterstock)

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