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Bee-eaters snuggle on a brisk spring morning

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Two European bee-eaters snuggle on a branchTwo European bee-eaters snuggle on a branchPhoto: Vladimir Kogan Michael / Shutterstock
March 26, 2015 | Latest Photo

On cool spring mornings along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, European bee-eaters know just how to get by. With a scoot and a snuggle along a thin branch, these colorful birds are all set for even the chilliest of breezes.

European bee-eaters live throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, spending their winters in Africa. As the weather heats up, these monogamous birds begin their courting ritual as males bring insects as gifts to their lady loves. More often than not, the pair will stick together for the rest of the season – which comes in handy on brisk days!

Bee-eaters are clever birds: they can remove the stingers from bees before gobbling them down. They're swift aviators, swooping through the air to catch their prey. All in all, this spectacular bird is as charismatic as it is colorful. 

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