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Meander through a lupine meadow at sunrise

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Lupine field sunriseLupine field sunrisePhoto: Idan Ben Haim / Shutterstock
September 15, 2014 | Latest Photo
Colorful dawn over lupine fields

A multicolored sunrise sets a meadow of gorgeous flowers aglow in this incredible photograph taken in northern Israel. Venturing out into nature in time to see the sunrise can be simultaneously serene and energizing — what better way to start your day? 

A lupine meadow is a rare and beautiful sight in the Israel, but not uncommon to the region; though these delicate flowers appear most commonly in North and South America, they have been planted in a many parts of the Mediterranean for centuries, where they were and still are cultivated for their edible seeds. Lupin, or lupini, beans, similar to soy beans, are delicious on their own or as an added ingredient to any number of meals. 

The Mediterranean variety of lupine shown above, blue lupine, has most likely been planted in order to gather the legumes to feed farm animals nearby. In Israel, these incredible plants are especially valuable because they can grow in even the least fertile conditions, creating rich soil for subsequent crops to grow and thrive.

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