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A photographer uses different cameras to capture the contrast of an approaching storm.

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bahai gardens haifa israelbahai gardens haifa israelPhoto: Derya Akkaynak
June 1, 2016 | Latest Photo

Even though photographer Derya Akkaynak lives and works in the southern Israeli city of Eilat, she's a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Haifa and treks to the northern city of Haifa once a month.

One day, when Akkaynak was walking near Haifa's famous Bahai Gardens, clouds filled the sky. While this may have dismayed sunbathers on Haifa's Mediterranean beaches, Akkaynak saw opportunity.

"Clouds look great in infrared photography," Akkaynak told From the Grapevine, "so I took this photo once with a regular RGB camera, and once with my modified infrared camera." Which photo do you prefer?

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