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Autumn colors paint the rolling hills of northern Israel

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Autumn landscape in IsraelAutumn landscape in IsraelPhoto: Ophir Michaeli / Flickr
November 5, 2014 | Latest Photo

You may think you're looking at a landscape in Ireland or England, but this striking stretch of foothills and oak trees is actually in northern Israel.

"The 'official' months of autumn in Israel are September to November, but this is only on paper," photographer Ophir Michaeli told From the Grapevine. "These months in Israel feel more like a cooler and less humid summer." 

Michaeli said that changing leaves are a special sight in Israel, usually limited to the oak forests of northern Israel. Whereas the deciduous forests of the United States often shed their colored leaves after a couple of months, these beautiful colors persist in Israel well through the winter —  in fact, Michaeli took this photograph in January.

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