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Almond trees signal the beginning of spring

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Wild almond tree in IsraelWild almond tree in IsraelPhoto: Nika Lerman / Shutterstock
March 17, 2015 | Latest Photo

Blossoming throughout February and March, almond trees stretch across Israel in all their light pink beauty. 

Though we see them across the United States, almond trees originate from the Mediterranean.

Close-up view of almond tree flowersPhoto: Toritoka/Flickr

Not all species of almond trees have edible almonds – so it's best to look and not touch when you spot one growing in the wild.

Almond tree grovePhoto: Boris Diakovsky/Shutterstock

The United States is the world's largest almond producer, with Spain coming in at a close second. In Israel, fresh almonds make their way to the markets by March – and they make great toppings for homemade tahini cookies.

Aerial view of almond tree grovePhoto: Boris Diakovsky/Shutterstock

As one of the first trees to bloom in winter, the almond tree officially signals the coming of spring – the views only get more amazing from here on out!

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