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All hail the king(fisher)

A colorful and smart bird with fishing skills to match.

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tree kingfishertree kingfisherPhoto: Jack Guez / AFP/Getty Images
March 11, 2015 | Latest Photo

A tree kingfisher perches on a branch on the Mediterranean coast of Tel Aviv, where snacks are plentiful. As their name suggests, kingfishers are excellent at fishing. During winter months, kingfisher birds will actually work together to burrow holes in frozen water. And they use their spear-like beak to catch dinner.

There are about 60 different species of the tree kingfishers, also known as wood kingfishers. Some of the species are considered threatened, as deforestation has reduced their natural habitats. These brightly colored birds can usually be found in places with a warm climate and often near water. The Australian kingfisher, a stocky bird, is famous for its laugh-sounding call (hence their Laughing Kookaburra nickname.)

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